The goddess of 38 section, to the most beautiful you!

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on March 8, Juan Sebastian veron team specially organized a "goddess of challenge" to struggle in a line of the female staff put his work, and we happy together, spent together this beautiful holiday. Why holiday drifting rain to fall in the afternoon? Small make up to a thought. The original goddess because we can call wind call rain ah ~ ~ ~ ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ come and see the trivia quietly!

spring breeze most proud of in March, march is the most beautiful goddess.

send you the march wind, blow away your troubles.

send you march rain, moisten your heart.

send you march flower, adorn your face.

give you a whole spring, let your life the sun is shining.

ZhuBeiLong goddess of all a happy holiday!

all ZhuBeiLong goddess like game

to show themselves.

congratulations to the above three goddesses. Bang bang da ~ ~